Come into our store with your items, and we can provide you with a Jewellery/Watch Repair Estimate — Free of Charge!

For Jewellery Appraisals, we will inspect and estimate the item on the spot, to inform you if it is worth appraising! Once you have agreed to do the appraisal, we charge $70 per item.

Our repair services are listed, but not limited to:

Ring Repairs

  • Sizing
    • *We can do 1/4 sizes as well (ex. Size 6 1/4)
    • **With Rings that have stones on the sides, you will also need to tighten the stones! This is because when one is resizing the band, it warps the stones’ setting!
  • Stone Replacement
    • Diamonds, Precious Stones, and CZ
  • Resetting Stones (when a stone has fallen out, and wanting to put it back onto the ring)
  • New Shanks
    • Whole or Half
  • Retipping Claws
  • Soldering Rings together (Typically done with Wedding Band and Engagement Rings!)
  • Removal
    • If the ring is stuck on your finger, we’d be able to help you!
    • *Requires Consent Form
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Adding Horseshoe Ring Guards, Arthritic Balls, or a metal bar inside the ring

Chain & Necklace Repairs

  • Soldering broken chains
  • Clasp Replacement
    • Spring rings or Lobster Clasps in assorted sizes!
  • New O Ring
  • New bell on Pendant

Bracelet Repairs

  • Shortening
  • New hinge/clasp
  • Adding/Removing Charms
  • Adding/Removing Safety Chains

Earring Repairs

  • Replacing posts
  • Reshaping
  • New backings
  • New hinge
  • Changing to clip-ons

Watch Repairs

  • Battery Replacement
  • Pin Replacement
  • Shorten + Lengthen with links
  • Strap Replacement
  • Reconditioning

We also do engravings, on rings, Medical/ID Bracelets, Plaques, backs of Watches, silverwear… etc. etc.

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